C. Durán-Alarcón

Claudio Durán-Alarcón is a doctoral student at Laboratoire des Transferts en Hydrologie et Environnement (LTHE) of the Grenoble Alpes University (UGA), France. In APRES3, he is working on the Task 2 related to ground-based remote sensing and modelling of solid hidrometeors and precipitation in Antarctica and Alps, including the preparation and installation of instruments on the field campaigns, supervised by Dr. Brice Boudevillain (LTHE-UGA) and Dr. Alexis Berne (LTE-EPFL).

Regarding his formation, Claudio studied engineering in renewable natural resources and his bachelor at the University of Chile. During this period, he participated in the creation of the Laboratory for Analysis of the Biosphere (LAB UChile), with which he has a close scientific work relationships. Afterwards, he studied the Master in Earth Sciences (spatiality: water, climate and environment) at the Grenoble Alpes University.