Snow Gauges

We are going to deploy two different instruments to obtain automatic measurement of precipitation at Dumont D’Urville station, a weighting snow gauge and a tipping bucket gauge. The first one corresponds to a Pluvio2, designed by OTT and the second one is a SB500H manufactured by Campbell Scientific. Pluvio2 provides liquid water equivalent of snowfall with a resolution of 0.0001 mm and temporal resolution of one minute. In order to reduce the blowing snow contamination on the precipitation measurements, Pluvio2 has a metallic wind fence installed around the gauge.

On the other hands, a SB500H will be a complementary instrument at DDU for precipitation measurements. SB500H has a resolution of 0.2 mm per tip and use a heater system to melt the snow  with a power consumption of 24 watts approximately. Is worth to know that this sensor is not designed for heavy snowfall events.